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Re: gnuplot dependency in octave

Dr. Volker Zell wrote:

> How about having a gnuplot-nox package like debian, which satisfies > the dependancy, and having gnuplot-x-drivers available separately? > It could be referenced in the README easily enough, and wouldn't be > too hard to find..

Currently not only /usr/sbin/gnuplot/4.0/gnuplot_x11.exe depends on X
(which could easily go in separate package) but gnuplot itself depends
on libgd2 which pulls in X.


Hmm. Debian gets around this by having libgd2 depend on libgd2-noxpm OR libgd2-xpm
The former does not require X libs.. Of course, once you start doing this for multiple packages, it starts getting complicated, especially as I seem to recall Igor saying that setup doesn't support OR dependancies, or conflicts..
I'd offer to see about working that into it, except that I haven't the foggiest where to begin (not a programmer, but still meaning to learn).

Chris --

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