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I was wondering why (MIT) Kerberos is not an official cygwin package? There
are many cons for it:

1) Kerberos is very useful to many people (e.g. MIT, Stanford, government
agencies, large companies). It looks like it is becoming even more popular
with Microsoft and the major Linux distributions incorporating it.

2) Not having krb5 incapacitates all cygwin packages that would otherwise
support it (such as OpenSSH, PostgreSQL). The number of such packages is
bound to grow as more and more applications support it.

3) It looks like there are at least 3 binary sets of various versions of
krb5 available online (,
and, and By making this a package, at least
3 people will save time. :) 

4) Since MIT's Kerberos for Windows can cache tickets to a file, I was able
to have a cygwin-compiled krb5 and the GUI Windows apps from KfW interface
perfectly! For example, I can get a ticket with a GUI app, and then destroy
it with kdestroy. 

5) There are no licensing issues. ;)


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