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Re: 1.5.18-1: issue with cygwin1.dll: "system shared memory version mismatch detected"

> It's irrelevent what the name of the .exe is.  As
> Igor already said,
> even if a third party packages a cygwin1.dll that
> has simply been
> renamed, it will still have the same shared memory
> name, so that if the
> two DLLs are ever loaded at the same time they will
> clash.  This is
> exactly what the error message you're getting
> indicates -- that you have
> two incompatible Cygwin libraries on your system
> somewhere, even if one
> of them has been renamed to something you don't
> recognise.


I have uninstall OpenSSH and every software that was
including cygwin1.dll (WinBoard, ...), and I obtain
the same message when I try to launch cygwin. 
Pardon my insistance, I'm not familiar to the dll
mechanism, and I understand that the name in the
shared memory af a DLL instance does not correspond to
the dll filename, but if I rename a .dll file, how can
it be loaded again ?
Furthermore, I have, right now, just one and only one
cygwin1.dll, and it is the original one from the
latest release. So maybe another program has loaded
this dll from a totally different filename. Is there a
way to know which dll is loaded in memory and which
filename or program it is loaded from ?

I don't mean to bother, just trying to understand and
fix the problem as cygwin is a great tool and would
help me in what I'm doing.

PS: attached my latest cygcheck output.

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