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Re: 1.5.18-1: issue with cygwin1.dll: "system shared memory version mismatch detected"

On Sat, Dec 10, 2005 at 09:20:42AM -0800, Brian Dessent wrote:
>JeDi wrote:
>>Sure Brian, but bash.exe is present nowhere but in my cygwin\bin
>>directory, and bash doesn't work.  I agree with you that my computer is
>>kind of a mess but I don't think this is the root cause.  Actually,
>>i've set up my environment variable with cygwin\bin in the first
>>position of my path and it doesn't change anything.
>It's irrelevent what the name of the .exe is.  As Igor already said,
>even if a third party packages a cygwin1.dll that has simply been
>renamed, it will still have the same shared memory name, so that if the
>two DLLs are ever loaded at the same time they will clash.  This is
>exactly what the error message you're getting indicates -- that you
>have two incompatible Cygwin libraries on your system somewhere, even
>if one of them has been renamed to something you don't recognise.

Maybe this has been mentioned already but it looks like these recent
openssh problems may be due to this idiotic site:

Anyone want to take a stab at getting it taken down?  It hasn't been
updated in more than a year and it is obviously causing problems.

Notice to future archive readers - the above URL is evil don't use it.
It will cause you nothing but heartache.


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