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Re: octave-forge dependency?

Chris Taylor wrote:
James R. Phillips wrote:
OK, it seems an elaboration of the idea could though. The autoconf/automake
environment needs to be like octave, while the rest of the time, you want
miktex in the front of the path. Wouldn't executing


before starting ./configure work for that purpose?



Two things: Firstly, the OP _doesn't_ want his configure scripts picking up tetex, ergo tetex must not be in the path.

As jrp pointed out in a separate message, I don't mind having tetex installed *as long as* it doesn't interfere with my command-line usage of miktex.

It's okay if my packages get configured using (now) available tetex tools; they are mostly "re-build the documentation" and don't actually add new runtime dependencies to MY packages.

So resetting the PATH to remove miktex, just before configuring, is okay -- but feels like a kludgy, ad-hoc solution to me. If I wanted to do it "Right" (e.g. the Corporate, controlled-release) I'd have a rigorously consistent runtime environment that I used to build packages for release (e.g. with only minimal "other" packages installed). A partway solution would be a separate user, sharing my kitchen-sink cygwin installation, but with controlled .profile stuff specifically for this purpose (and THAT user wouldn't need "miktex" in the front of HIS $path).

Or, I suppose, a "launch maintainance shell" script that culls out all the "goodies" of my normal shell environment.

But, fellas, I'm touched that my original post raised such a ruckus -- it's really not that big a deal (to me). I'm okay, you're okay.

I guess it's good that the actual source of the dependency was tracked down, and will hopefully lead to a correction in gnuplot's code, but gollee...

Secondly, tetex installs (at least last time I checked) in such a way that it's located automatically by configure scripts (given that it's in the default path).
The only way to stop this behaviour is to
a) completely trash the cygwin path, and thus lose 99% of the functionality
b) install tetex elsewhere (/usr/local/octave-tetex/*hierarchy_here* for example).

Neither of these are brilliant solutions, and the latter would actually require hacking the cygwin package in order for it to install there, and still work (it would probably require tetex to be recompiled).

Yep, all the above would be true -- IF I really really didn't want my configure scripts to find tetex, or be used by packages when I build them (since, by default, tetex goes smack in the middle of all the OTHER cygwin tools, right there under /usr). But *that* doesn't matter to me.


I think the rest of this post is OBE, given the discovery of the gnuplot issue.

Thanks for everybody chiming in on this thread. (I gotta start checking the list more than once a day...)


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