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Re: Cygwin logo

On 12/07/2005, Thorsten Kampe wrote:
>There has been one (1) reply to this message from someone who said that
>> they liked it.  I don't think that it yet has a ringing endorsement from
>> the community so I think it is premature for Corinna or me to get
>> involved.

Well, actually there are two now (fergus and my humble entity). That makes a overwhelming majority of 100 % (= one hundred percent) who like the "new logo".


Well, not to ruin that statistic or to be a spoil-sport but I prefer the the current logo. But I guess I'm just a traditionalist. ;-)

I should say that I don't make this remark to denigrate Denis's efforts.

And assuming this thread takes off (ugh, my mailbox... my poor mailbox! ;-) ),
I'm guessing my view would be in the minority.  Personally, I wouldn't mind
seeing this open up into a run-off of a few (or more) different designs.  I
mean, if we're going to consider a new logo, let's have some options! :-)
Can anyone work an otter or a hippo into the logo? ;-) ;-) ;-)

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