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Re: octave-forge dependency?

James R. Phillips wrote:
Chris Taylor wrote:

This doesn't solve the core problem that configure will pick up the >presence

of cygwin's tetex and expect it - the cygwin tetex install >would need to be masked entirely in order to use miktex and not >have configure expect tetex..

OK, it seems an elaboration of the idea could though. The autoconf/automake environment needs to be like octave, while the rest of the time, you want miktex in the front of the path. Wouldn't executing


before starting ./configure work for that purpose?



Two things: Firstly, the OP _doesn't_ want his configure scripts picking up tetex, ergo tetex must not be in the path.
Secondly, tetex installs (at least last time I checked) in such a way that it's located automatically by configure scripts (given that it's in the default path).
The only way to stop this behaviour is to
a) completely trash the cygwin path, and thus lose 99% of the functionality
b) install tetex elsewhere (/usr/local/octave-tetex/*hierarchy_here* for example).

Neither of these are brilliant solutions, and the latter would actually require hacking the cygwin package in order for it to install there, and still work (it would probably require tetex to be recompiled). Though you could perhaps persuade octave not to install the normal tetex using the setup database that tracks what is and isn't installed... (Not entirely clear on how that works at the moment though - Igor might be able to clear that up?)

It may be worth having an either or dependancy for octave.. tetex-bin or octave-tetex, the latter being the minimal set required to use octave-forge fully, and installing in a different path in order to separate it from the standard path. You'd then need to have some sort of wrapper that could tell octave where it was - an expansion of the basic script you gave would probably be sufficient - perhaps testing for it in /usr/bin, and if it didn't exist, appending or prepending the octave-tetex path. Of course, the octave-tetex would have to conflict with tetex-bin, and tetex-bin would have to effectively supplant it if it was selected, or was already installed...

None of this is all that straightforward, but it would mean people weren't forced to install tetex..


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