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Re: command-line archiver that understands Windows ACLs?

Cygwin is installed as part of a proposed deployment solution that's competing with MSI (*shudder*),
so it's indeed a Cygwin problem. The current archiver on the Unix (Solaris) side happens to be
tar, but anything that could be packed under Solaris and unpacked with a Cygwin command line
in such a way to preserve Windows ACLs is what is needed to help slay the MSI dragon.

Christopher Faylor wrote:

On Tue, Dec 06, 2005 at 01:21:54PM -0800, Mark McWiggins wrote:

I'm working with a company that deploys tar files from Unix to Windows
where the Windows administrators set their directories up with various

Cygwin's default TAR program destroys these ACLs when files are
unpacked into these directories.

Is there a command-line program that can unpack a tar file in such a
way as to leave the ACLs alone? WinZip can do this, but its
command-line addon only handles ZIP files.

Unless you really need to use cygwin for other things, it sounds very much like you are asking for a non-cygwin way to deal with tar files.

This really isn't a list for discussing non-cygwin solutions to
problems.  I see that a google search for "tar windows" unearths quite a
few options so you should be able to find some no-cygwin program which
solves your problem fairly easily.

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