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when using run.exe, ssh zombie process running after command has finished

Hi All,

(using the latest Cygwin as of today)

I use the following command line (via a shortcut on my desktop) to open a window to my linux box:

run.exe ssh snoopy "export DISPLAY=%COMPUTERNAME%:0.0; xterm"

It works great.

However, I just noticed that when I exit the xterm (with CTRL-D, or by typing "exit"), the ssh process is still running in the background.


1) This problem only happens when running from a Windows shortcut or in cmd.exe. Running the above command in a cygwin bash shell doesn't cause any problems

2) This problem only happens when running inside the run.exe container. Calling ssh directly doesn't leave the zombie processes

As a workaround, I can use:

bash -c "run.exe ssh snoopy 'export DISPLAY=%COMPUTERNAME%:0.0; xterm'"

but then I get a black window pop up (just for a second).

Although a workaround exists, this still looks like a bug. I don't know enough to fix something like this, but if anyone wants more information, I'd be glad to provide it.


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