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Re: gzread, gzdopen, gzclose not found

I have been asking on the clanlib mailing list... waiting... asking other questions... looking on internet, mailing list archives... from the last email which you might not have seen prior to your reply, I found this

Libs/$(D_VERSION_MINOR) $(OBJF_LIB_App) -L Libs -lz -lclanCore
@ln -s -f$(D_VERSION_MAJOR) Libs/

and now i just put the -lz there, but it's not the right spot
and I don't know what a right spot is, and why is "-lz" enough? i would think to put /usr/lib somewhere


# # Makefile data for clanApp library. #

clanApp: Libs/ Libs/libclanApp.a

installApp: clanApp
@for i in `find Sources/API/Application -type d | grep -v CVS | sed "s/Sources\/API\///;"`; do install -d $(INC_PREFIX)/ClanLib/$$i; done
@for i in `find Sources/API/Application -type f | grep -v CVS | sed "s/Sources\/API\///;"`; do install -m 0644 Sources/API/$$i $(INC_PREFIX)/ClanLib/$$i; done
@install -m 0644 Sources/API/application.h $(INC_PREFIX)/ClanLib/application.h
@install -d $(LIB_PREFIX)
@install Libs/$(D_VERSION_MINOR) $(LIB_PREFIX)
@install Libs/libclanApp.a $(LIB_PREFIX)

OBJF_LIB_App = Libs/Intermediate/clanapp.o

Libs/ Libs/ $(OBJF_LIB_App)
@echo "Building Libs/"
@$(LINK_COMMAND) -Wl,$(D_VERSION_MAJOR) -o Libs/$(D_VERSION_MINOR) $(OBJF_LIB_App) -L Libs -lclanCore
@ln -s -f$(D_VERSION_MAJOR) Libs/

Libs/libclanApp.a: $(OBJF_LIB_App)
       @echo "Building Libs/libclanApp.a"
       -@if [ -e Libs/libclanApp.a ]; then rm -f Libs/libclanApp.a; fi
       @ar qc Libs/libclanApp.a $(OBJF_LIB_App)

From: Brian Dessent <>
Subject: Re: gzread, gzdopen, gzclose not found
Date: Sat, 03 Dec 2005 17:10:09 -0800

Robert Body wrote:

> Building Libs/
> Libs/libclanCore.a(datafile_inputprovider.o): In function
> `_ZNSt11_Deque_baseI18CL_Zipped_PositionSaIS0_EED2Ev':

There's still not enough information.  You need to find out what command
this makefile is running that is causing the error.  And then modify it
to have -lz in the correct location.

On cygwin the output file should be cygclanApp.dll, not,
so that right there tells me that this makefile probably hardcodes such
things, which means that it is probably not portable and was likely hand
written by someone who has no concept of any other *nix than linux.  WHy
can't people just use libtool?

You should try asking these questions on the clanlib mailing list /
forum / whatever.


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