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Re: php5 on cygwin

>2005/11/8, <>:
>> ./configure --with-apache=[PATH TO APACHE SOURCE DIRECTORY FROM POINT
>> 1.] --with-pgsql
>> I use PostgreSQL so I quote it literally. Perhaps it would work with
>> another database too and perhaps it will work without. Note that I did a
>> default compile of PostgreSQL 8.0.4 from sources. I am _not_ sure if you
>> get it as cygwin package that this way it will work, as I suspect that
>> the cygwin PostgreSQL package is not installed in the same locations as
>> if you compile PostgreSQL from source.
>There are the binary cygwin packages for postgresql, just in test.
>built yesterday
>  (8.0.4 and 8.1.0)
>In README is the binary layout. It should work OOTB.
>Reini Urban


I just read your conversation on php under cygwin.
Two days ago I succeeded in compiling PHP 5.1 as .so-module for apache 2.0 and thought you might be interested to read a short HowTo:

---------------- Prerequisites (install via cygwin setup) --------------------

- Apache2 (2.0.54-1) with devel Packages
- PostgreSQL (in my case 8.0.4)
- apr, aprutil, rebase
- minires with devel Packages (in order to provide support of -lresolv)

... other packages, that compilation may depend on (see Iv's remarks on the compilation of Apache 1.3 )
bison, cvs, flex, gcc, gd, grep, keychain, libtool1.5, libxml, libxml2, libxml2-devel, make, openssh, perl, readline, rsync, unzip, vim, whois, zip

---------------- Configuration of PHP --------------------

download and unpack php-src into /usr/src/php...

cd /usr/src/php...
./configure --with-apxs2=/usr/sbin/apxs2 --without-pear --with-pgsql --with-curl

Open the Makefile and make the following changes:

1) Add "-lhttpd2core -lapr -laprutil" to the "EXTRA_LIBS":
EXTRA_LIBS = -lcrypt [...] -liconv -lm -lcrypt -lhttpd2core -lapr -laprutil

2) Add "-no-undefined" to "EXTRA_LDFLAGS":
   EXTRA_LDFLAGS = -avoid-version -no-undefined -module

3) in the section libs/libphp5.bundle: add -shared after $(CC):
$(CC) -shared $(MH_BUNDLE_FLAGS) $(CFLAGS_CLEAN) [...] -o $@ && cp $@ libs/

4) in the same line replace
$(PHP_GLOBAL_OBJS:.lo=.o) $(PHP_SAPI_OBJS:.lo=.o)
`echo $(PHP_GLOBAL_OBJS) $(PHP_SAPI_OBJS) | sed "s/\([^/ ]*\)\.lo/.libs\/\1.o/g"`

( contrary to the behaviour of the php 5.0.5 distribution, somehow the libtool decided to place the object files in .libs subdirectories. This is why I put the nasty sed command. - Maybe, there is a more elegant solution?)

---------------- Compilation of PHP --------------------

make libs/libphp5.bundle

cp libs/ /lib/apache2/

make install

---------------- Configuring and Starting Apache --------------------

Add the following lines to httpd.conf:

 AddType application/x-httpd-php .php
 AddType application/x-httpd-php-source .phps

/usr/sbin/apachectrl2 start

if this fails with an error "unable to map ...":

 Exit all cygwin windows
 Stop cygserver (via Workplace->Manage->Services->Services->Stop)
 In a command window (cmd.exe) call C:\cygwin\bin\ash
 /bin/rebaseall -v
 Restart cygserver

Try again "/usr/sbin/apachectrl2 start" and enjoy
That's Voodoo ;-)

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