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Re: Cygwin and (Linux or Unix) env: running applications

Thank you Igor,

Your suggestion was good, but did not resolve the problem. Somehow SAS was still missing the command by not invoking the symbolic links. After many trials here is the solution in case someone else has a similar problem:

Through SAS I created a file in which I added the following lines:

#! /usr/bin/tcsh

### file

splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err

In SAS under a macro I do the following:

%sysexec chmod +x c:\aldi2\splus_test\;

%syexec tcsh c:\aldi2\splus_test\ ;

Now SAS and Splus can run automatically in batch mode in my PC under cygwin by recognizing cygwin symbolic links.


Igor Pechtchanski wrote:

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Aldi Kraja wrote:


1. I have set two symbolic links under the /usr/local/bin/
for SAS (sas) and SPLUS (splus70) for windows (Two statistical packages that
reside in my desktop with Microsoft XP OS).

When I use SAS to invoke the same command:
%sysexec splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt
c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err ;

X 'splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt
c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err';

call system('splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt
c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err');

cygwin responds with a window at C:\ WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe

'splus70' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable
program or batch file

Do you know if cygwin is providing a different general path to the
programs such as SAS?
Any suggestions how can I tell SAS that "splus70" is present in the
general path of cygwin?

First off, please don't hijack an unrelated thread for your questions -- if you have a separate question, please start a new thread. Secondly, Windows programs (like SAS) don't understand Cygwin symlinks. Either let SAS know where the real SPLUS lives, or spawn a Cygwin process that will understand the symlink (e.g., something like

call system('bash -c "splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt
c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err"');



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