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Re: complete newbie Q

On Nov 29 18:18, Dave Korn wrote:
> Christopher Faylor wrote:
> > On Tue, Nov 29, 2005 at 04:52:05PM -0000, Dave Korn wrote:
> >> Dave Korn wrote:
> >>> porting effort.  (MinGW provides _some_ of the POSIX syscalls, but it's
> >>> a massively less-complete implementation than Cygwin.  MSYS provides
> >>> more,
> >> 
> >> ...  but it's not included in the cygwin mingw distribution.)
> > 
> > MSYS is just a (very) old version of cygwin with some hacks to translate
> > path names and a different way of dealing with the mount table.
>   I know that!


> >  So,
> > MSYS will never be included in the cygwin distribution.  It wouldn't
> > make any sense to do so.
>   Yes it would.  It would allow people to write "gcc -mno-cygwin -lmsys".
>   As long as there's going to be a mingw cross-build environment in cygwin at
> all, it would be entirely reasonable to distribute libmsys.a next to
> libmingw32.a, libmingwex.a, libmingwthrd.a, etc.

Yeah, and MingW is going to include libcygwin.a and include files.
And both, MingW and Cygwin will in future include all include files
and libs to create PPC-Linux binaries.  So everybody will be happy.

You're off the point.  MSYS is only a helper for building MingW/native 
Windows apps.  There's no reason at all to support building MSYS linked
binaries inside of a Cygwin environment.  If you want native Windows
apps, link with -mno-cygwin, if you want POSIX apps, don't.


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