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Cygwin and (Linux or Unix) env: running applications


1. I have set two symbolic links under the /usr/local/bin/
for SAS (sas) and SPLUS (splus70) for windows (Two statistical packages that reside in my desktop with Microsoft XP OS).

2. In advance I start the x-win by the "startx" in cygwin. (cygwin/X Project, release

3. under a directory "splus_test" I have a tiny program in SAS that writes a program test (batch.txt) for SPLUS.

4. to execute the program for SPLUS I apply the following:

splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err

It works fine. The program does the work in SPLUS.

When I use SAS to invoke the same command:
%sysexec splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err ;

X 'splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err';

call system('splus70 /BATCH c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.txt c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.out c:\\aldi2\\splus_test\\batch.err');

cygwin responds with a window at C:\ WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe

'splus70' is not recognized as internal or external command, operable program or batch file

Do you know if cygwin is providing a different general path to the programs such as SAS?
Any suggestions how can I tell SAS that "splus70" is present in the general path of cygwin?

TIA for any suggestions,


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