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Re: Cygwin connection closing running on Server 2003

Thank you both for your suggestions. I tried running user-ssh-config but the SSH1 RSA creation fails with the message "chmod: changing permissions of '/home/jromano': Permission denied". I continue through the steps and there are no other error messages, but i am still experiencing the same problem. Disabling StrictModes did not help either.

What folders or files do I need to change the permissions to, and what changes need to be made?

Thank you again,
--jack romano

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

On Nov 23 22:21, Larry Hall (Cygwin) wrote:

On 11/23/2005, Jack Romano wrote:

I am running Cygwin 1.5.18 on Windows Sever 2003 with all current updates. My problem pertains to OpenSSH 4.2p1-1. I ran the setup script for OpenSSH and used the tool to import my Windows users. I am able to connect to the server both locally and from other machine and am prompted for my password. When I give an erroneous password I am told so. When I give a correct password I am given the "Last Login:..." message (which is correct) but then immediatly "Connection to localhost closed." (localhost replaced by the server name when not connecting locally) and an error 255. This happens for all users (including the Administrator user) and locally and remotely. I have noticed that if after I submit my password I start tapping keys quickly the connection stays open untill I stop -- even for a fraction of a second. I have reinstalled OpenSSH and then Cygwin to no avail.

I have attached the verbose output of the ssh connection to the server. The OpenSSH log does not log this failure.

Any insight would be appreciated.

I have a vague recollection of folks having problems like this when they
didn't have correct permissions on their login directory. You might check
this. If you can't find the problem this way, try turning off "StrictModes"
in '/etc/sshd_config'

Before you do that, try running ssh-user-config for each user having this problem. ssh-user-config tries to create correct permissions so that sshd can access everything. But as usual, YMMV.


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