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Re: Norton Internet Security and Cygwin: What settings for NIS?

Eric Blake wrote:
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According to Chris Taylor on 11/28/2005 3:13 AM:

I should point out that hostname is called in /etc/profile for bash as
well ( HOSTNAME=`hostname` <-- should this be being changed to
HOSTNAME=$(hostname) at some point soon?)

There is no difference in this case (both command substitution spellings
are required by POSIX), and `hostname` is more portable to older shells
than $(hostname).  However, since all bourne-compatible shells distributed
with cygwin support the newer syntax, and the newer syntax is more
readable, as well as easier to nest, it wouldn't hurt if base-files were
updated to use $() instead of ``.

The reason I mentioned it is that I'm told that the `` syntax is deprecated (and has been for some time), at least in scripts, ergo it makes sense to be moving to the newer one.. You're right though, it is a lot easier to read and nest, and vastly easier to read it when nested..

Chris --

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