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Re: Norton Internet Security and Cygwin: What settings for NIS?

René Berber wrote:
surendar jeyadev wrote:

I have to try one more thing -- turn of Norton and
unplug the cable. But there is something very fishy
going one. When I tried to launch Cygwin a few minutes
ago, Norton popped up a message saying 'hostname.exe is trying to contact DNS server'.

Bingo!  hostname is called from /etc/csh.cshrc and /etc/profile.d/complete.tcsh,
are you using csh or tcsh?  That would explain what is going on.

The solution would be to add hostname.exe to the list of programs allowed to use
the Internet (Windows firewall) or open the respective port (53 if it's using DNS).


Beyond that, hostname.exe is used to resolve the network name of the machine (the hostname, funnily enough ;)
This will try to contact DNS servers if it needs to, and norton will block this by default for any app you don't allow.. It's not the only cygwin app that will do so either..
However, following René's suggestion will sort things so that you can start cygwin, or should at least.

I should point out that hostname is called in /etc/profile for bash as well ( HOSTNAME=`hostname` <-- should this be being changed to HOSTNAME=$(hostname) at some point soon?)

Hopefully this sorts it for yourself though - as for cygwin setup - add it to the allowed applications (at the very least, it needs DNS (53), http (80) and FTP (21) to guarantee it will work with the various mirrors)

Chris --

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