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Re: /dev/console : permission denied -- SOMEWHAT RESOLVED

Christopher Faylor wrote:
Do I have to add a disclaimer to every mail and irc message on this

"I don't know"


Hahaha... No, you need not. I think it is implied. :)

Anyway, after many headaches and not enough time to get too deep into the code... I decided to do a fresh install.

I completely removed Cygwin and re-installed using Henrik Bengtsson's Fantastic technique ( And the /dev/console : permission denied problem has faded into oblivion.

SOMEWHAT RESOLVED means that, although I cannot say for certain what caused that nastiness... I want to believe that it was due to un-synchronized installation of various packages.

When the install was synchronized (per Henrik's method), the problem is not rearing its head.

Thanks for everyone's input.

This did not resolve the crash that's happening with Cygcheck -svr though... Suppose I'm constrained to switch to CMD.EXE when I need to run it. :(


-- eagerly awaiting the day when I can uninstall Windows and run Win-less Cyg! ;) --

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