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Re: Norton Internet Security and Cygwin: What settings for NIS?

If I remember right (It's been a while - I don't update often) I have to disable NIS firewall to run (cygwin) setup.
After setup I am able to run cygwin with firewall enabled.

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surendar jeyadev wrote:

--- Brett <> wrote:

I am having a similar problem and so far have no
But my circumstances are slightly different and
suggest, if the underlying problem is the same, that
problem resides in another direction.

I am running Windows 2000 Professional and Norton
2003 Professional. I am connected to the internet
and was
running a Cygwin upgrade directly from the Cygwin
site last
night. The install keeps freezing and the log
indicates a
problem with "McShield". Specifically, "Could not
service McShield for query, start and stop. McAfee
may not
be installed, or we don't have access.". I do not
McAfee has every been on this box. I tried

Apparently, this is not a problem. Larry Hall replied to one of my earlier problems -- not being able to install Cygwin at all, which seems to be your case -- saying this was normal. I quote him below:

  These messages are no problem.  Setup checks for
  because it is known to cause setup problems.  As
  message notes, "McAfee may not be installed,...",
  is true in your case.

dissabling both
"Auto-Protect" and "Script Blocking" in Norton
without luck.

If our problems are the same, this is not a network
I should note that I did a complete from-scratch
install of
Cygwin on my brother's Windows XP box last night
without any
problem.  I am not certain of his anti-virus
protection and
he is back on the road headed home this morning so I

Hope this is helpful and that someone has an idea.

I have to try one more thing -- turn of Norton and
unplug the cable. But there is something very fishy
going one. When I tried to launch Cygwin a few minutes
ago, Norton popped up a message saying 'hostname.exe is trying to contact DNS server'.

Would anyone have an idea why a DNS sever is being contacted? It *appears* that my set up is behaving
not only as a network set up, but the the modem/Norton combination is coming into play. I do
not know what the modem is -- it was installed by
Roadrunner and has no name on it!

As my machine is very much an "out of the box,
plain XP" from Dell, I would guess that this should
not be an unusual case. But, maybe it is not .... :-)


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