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Re: Norton Internet Security and Cygwin: What settings for NIS?

--- Brett <> wrote:

> I am having a similar problem and so far have no
> solution.
> But my circumstances are slightly different and
> might
> suggest, if the underlying problem is the same, that
> the
> problem resides in another direction.
> I am running Windows 2000 Professional and Norton
> AntiVirus
> 2003 Professional.  I am connected to the internet
> and was
> running a Cygwin upgrade directly from the Cygwin
> site last
> night.  The install keeps freezing and the log
> indicates a
> problem with "McShield".  Specifically, "Could not
> open
> service McShield for query, start and stop. McAfee
> may not
> be installed, or we don't have access.".  I do not
> believe
> McAfee has every been on this box.  I tried

Apparently, this is not a problem. Larry Hall replied
one of my earlier problems -- not being able to
Cygwin at all, which seems to be your case -- saying
was normal. I quote him below:

   These messages are no problem.  Setup checks for
   because it is known to cause setup problems.  As
   message notes, "McAfee may not be installed,...",
   is true in your case.

> dissabling both
> "Auto-Protect" and "Script Blocking" in Norton
> without luck.
> If our problems are the same, this is not a network
> issues.
> I should note that I did a complete from-scratch
> install of
> Cygwin on my brother's Windows XP box last night
> without any
> problem.  I am not certain of his anti-virus
> protection and
> he is back on the road headed home this morning so I
> can't
> ask.
> Hope this is helpful and that someone has an idea.

I have to try one more thing -- turn of Norton and
unplug the cable. But there is something very fishy
going one. When I tried to launch Cygwin a few minutes
ago, Norton popped up a message saying 
'hostname.exe is trying to contact DNS server'. 

Would anyone have an idea why a DNS sever is being 
contacted? It *appears* that my set up is behaving
not only as a network set up, but the the 
modem/Norton combination is coming into play. I do
not know what the modem is -- it was installed by
Roadrunner and has no name on it!

As my machine is very much an "out of the box,
plain XP" from Dell, I would guess that this should
not be an unusual case. But, maybe it is not .... :-)


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