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Re: Installation Fails (Hangs?) on plain vanilla XP Machine

--- "Larry Hall (Cygwin)"
<> wrote:

> surendar jeyadev wrote:
> > 
> > I am trying to install Cygwin on a standard
> Windows XP
> > set up.
> > When I run 'setup.exe', it hangs at the point
> where is
> > starts
> > to download the 'mirrors.lst' file. The is no
> activity
> > in the
> > progress bar and I noted no disk or net activity
> for
> > 30 min.
> > Retried 3 times to no avail. The log file is
> included
> > below.
> Can you reach <> from
> your
> browser?  Are you using an FTP mirror?  If so, try
> an
> HTTP mirror instead.  Or try:

Yes, I could reach <>
any problems.
I was using 'Direct Connection to the Internet'.
I fetched 'setup-2.513-alpha.exe' and it failed the
same way.
The log file is identical.

As things are not even getting to step 1, could there
something more fundamental at work -- such as


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