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RE: /dev/console : permission denied

Chris Taylor wrote:
> Dave Korn wrote:
>> Christopher Faylor wrote:

>>>> Christopher McIntosh wrote:
>>>>> Consequently, I am back to the issue which I was first
>>>>> reporting/investigating: Why does init report open(/dev/console) :
>>>>> permission denied.

>>> I don't know about the cygcheck error but the /dev/console problem
>>> sounds like cygwin working as designed.  From the description, it
>>> sounds like expected behavior to me.  Something is trying open
>>> "/dev/console" when there is no console and is getting an error.
>>> Well, duh.
>>> cgf

>>   Oh, you can't open it when there's not one bound?  Fair enough.
>>   Must be syslogd then.  Chris M, did you run the syslogd-config script
>> or install it manually? 

>> 1.3.2-29.)  Perhaps it's one of the destinations in syslog.conf that is
>> the source of the problem then.  What's your syslog.conf look like?
> I should point out that said error occurs when init starts.. But not as
> a result of anything else.. So could this instead be an issue with init?
> (I can replicate this problem, using syslogd-config and init-config to
> install the services, and starting them in that order).

  Oh look, so can I!

  I also see a bunch of other errors:

can't open(/etc/, O_WRONLY): Permission denied.
can't open /dev/console.
cannot execute "/etc/rc".

...which makes sense, because:

dk@espanola /artimi/arch/doc> ls -la /etc/rc /etc/
-rw-------  1 dk     Domain Users 44 Nov 25 17:38 /etc/
-rw-r--r--  1 SYSTEM SYSTEM       65 Nov 25 17:49 /etc/rc
dk@espanola /artimi/arch/doc>

  I have no idea what is, but /etc/rc should definitely have the
'x' bit set.  I fixed both these problems with "chmod u+x /etc/rc" and "chown
SYSTEM /etc/"; despite the fact that I told init-config to overwrite
both these files, it didn't set the perms, so that could almost certainly be
considered a bug in init-config.

Can't think of a witty .sigline today....

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