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Problem with 'find' since Cygwin update

I have the same problem as highlighted in this post:

I updated Cygwin for the first time in many months, and now
'find' is broken. I actually discovered it by running 'updatedb', which
produces no results right now because of 'find' being broken.

But it appears that there hasnt been a solution found...

Just to check, I updated another PC of mine with a slightly different Cygwin setup and totally different hardware setup (both Win XP though) to see if the same thing would happen. Sure enough, exactly the same results after the update, so it is definitely a reproduceable problem caused by a new version of something!

I dont think a workaround script will help me because I am using 'find' only by calling 'updatedb'. I wonder if perhaps there is some permission change that 'find' doesn't understand in the way the virtual drives are mapped/mounted?

Any help appreciated,

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