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Re: Suggest cygrunsrv extension: --pidfile option (patch included)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:

> Is that worth the effort?  I really love to use syslogd (and logging
> to my remote Linux box ;-))

True.  However there is something to be said for keeping all of the
logging in one place, rather than having to look in the event log for
windows apps and in a separate syslog file for Cygwin apps.  It's also
nice not having to run yet another daemon.  I figure, when in Rome, log
events as the Romans...

Once you add the messagetable resource to cygwin1.dll and the
appropriate event source reg keys, it retroactively fixes all the
existing event log entries, which is nice.  If you can live with the
one-time manual addition of these event sources, it's not a bad solution
at all.  Going that last mile to make it work automatically is the
kicker though, and thus why I more or less got to this point a long time
ago and then lost momentum.


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