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Re: Suggest cygrunsrv extension: --pidfile option (patch included)

On Nov 24 06:28, Brian Dessent wrote:
> This sucks because it means that to truly do this right, the code in
> Cygwin's openlog() has got to add these keys every time it's called. 
> But it can't just blindly overwrite whatever event source might exist
> already because otherwise a malicious application that called e.g.
> openlog("MsiInstaller", ...) would fubar the MSI event source.  So it's
> got to check if the event source exists, decide if it's a Cygwin event
> source, figure out if the DLL path is correct, and if not, put the
> current cygwin DLL path in the key.
> This is not insurmountable but it's kind of a pain.  I've been slowly
> working on a patch that does all this, but it's not ready yet.  For the
> time being I just add event sources manually and it works great.

Is that worth the effort?  I really love to use syslogd (and logging
to my remote Linux box ;-))


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