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Re: Suggest cygrunsrv extension: --pidfile option (patch included)

Christian Franke wrote:

> Unlike syslog, windows event log is intended to store only message
> parameters, not complete messages.
> The (probably localized) messages must be provided by such an "event
> message file" (the misleading MS-term;-), which is essentially an .exe
> or .dll containing (message id, string) pairs in a resource section.
> For Cygwin, this would be one trivial (0, "%1") pair.
> Does such a file (and associated registry tool) exist for Cygwin?

It's trivial to add the RT_MESSAGETABLE resource to cygwin1.dll that
contains the single message "%1\r\n".  It's complicated by the fact that
windres doesn't have parsing support for messagetables, but you can just
specify the raw binary for something this trivial.  If you search the ML
archives someone posted the appropriate .rc bits a couple years ago.

The hard part is that for every "event source" you need to add keys:

   EventMessageFile = REG_SZ "c:\path\to\cygwin1.dll"
   TypesSupported = REG_DWORD 0x1f

where (name) is whatever the application passed to openlog()'s first

This sucks because it means that to truly do this right, the code in
Cygwin's openlog() has got to add these keys every time it's called. 
But it can't just blindly overwrite whatever event source might exist
already because otherwise a malicious application that called e.g.
openlog("MsiInstaller", ...) would fubar the MSI event source.  So it's
got to check if the event source exists, decide if it's a Cygwin event
source, figure out if the DLL path is correct, and if not, put the
current cygwin DLL path in the key.

This is not insurmountable but it's kind of a pain.  I've been slowly
working on a patch that does all this, but it's not ready yet.  For the
time being I just add event sources manually and it works great.


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