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Re: Suggest cygrunsrv extension: --pidfile option (patch included)

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> [...]
> > Open issue: signals are blocked in waitanypid().
> I'll have a look into it, but I'm fairly busy at the moment.

If the --pidfile option is used, signals sent to cygrunsrv will not be
routed to service because cygrunsrv is blocked in WaitForSingleObject().
This is IMO a minor issue than can be left open in an initial release.

Service control via SCM works as expected, because the handler is run in
an extra thread.

> > OffTopic: Is there any event message file available for cygwin apps
> > writing to syslog if syslogd is not running ?
> > I can provide one if you want.
> Huh?  If syslogd is not running, the logs are written either to the
> Application event log (NT) or to C:\\CYGWIN_SYSLOG.TXT (9x).  That's
> implemented since eons.  [...]

Yes, and since eons the windows event viewer complains about a missing
"event message file" when viewing messages generated by Cygwin apps ;-) 

Unlike syslog, windows event log is intended to store only message
parameters, not complete messages.
The (probably localized) messages must be provided by such an "event
message file" (the misleading MS-term;-), which is essentially an .exe
or .dll containing (message id, string) pairs in a resource section.
For Cygwin, this would be one trivial (0, "%1") pair.

Does such a file (and associated registry tool) exist for Cygwin?


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