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Re: RES: Problem accessing samba shares via ssh in XP

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Nov 24 10:00, Danilo Turina wrote:

The "problem" is that logging with ssh with your username you are not really logged as your user (that has the network drives mapped) but, instead, as SYSTEM (that has no network drive map (also because it is not a network user)).

This also applies to telnet and to all the other mechanisms that, through Cygwin, allow you to log to your machine.

No, telnet shouldn't be affected.  It all depends on using password
authentication or not.  See the FAQ

I don't know if I correctly understand what you say, but if I telnet to my machine (either from the same machine or from another), I don't see any network share mapping that I see from Windows and I'm unable to create new ones by using "NET USE" if I do not provide my username and password.

Of course I have a NT+ machine (XP) and both my user and machine belongs to a W2K domain.



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