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Re: Problem with rsync and Chinese character sets

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Robert Lucas wrote:
> However, a couple systems will not backup, looking at the logfiles
> reveals comments like "file has vanished:" and reports of filenames
> with multiple questionmarks as the filename. Right now I'm resorting
> to scp'ing, which of course transmits all files every time. Is
> there anyway to get rsync to work with a Chinese charcterset somehow?

Mh, strange thing: of course chinese characters won't show up in
cygwin's non-unicode rxvt but that shuoldn't stop rsync from finding
them on the second pass (the one in which files are actually sent).

Could you please send me an email with some example file names?
Have you noticed if it happens with *any* chinese charatcetr or only on
some specific files? (if it happens with any one I guess I can switch to
chinese keyboard and write a few random characters myself, else please
send me the name of the files that actually activate the problem)

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