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'cygpath' and 'mount' options (RE: Where is cygwin bin directory?)

(machinegun on vowels in email addresses)

cxgwxn-xwnxr@cxgwxn.cxm wrote:

Blah, I'm getting tired of this. Why is it that there must be a problem
inserting *user* names - from the cygwin list - in the above line?

Elsewhere Outlok-quotefix takes this
 From: "Hannu Nevalainen" <gibberish@snafu>
and produces
Hannu Nevalainen wrote:

Might it be this:
 Sender: cxgwxn-xwner@cxgwxn.cxm
... causing trouble, which is all over the place?

> On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 09:58:18PM +0100, Hannu E K Nevalainen wrote:
>> cgf wrote:
>>> On Tue, Nov 22, 2005 at 07:20:26PM +0100, Lennart Borgman wrote:
>>>> Is the path to Cygwin bin directory available in windows registry?
>>>> It would be nice if it were there since that would make it easier
>>>> to use Cygwin from other programs.
>>> "man cygpath"
>>> "man mount"
>> Deciphered:
>> - Windows style path
>> $ cygpath -aw /bin
>> Output, e.g: W:\cygwin\bin
>> - Cygwin style path
>> $ echo "$(cygpath -am /bin)" | \
>> sed -re 's/^(..)(.*)$/\1;\2;-/' | \
>> (IFS=";" read drive path garbage; \
>> echo "$(cygpath -au "$drive")$path" )
>> Output, e.g: /cygdrive/w/cygwin/bin
> Referrring to the cygwin /bin directory as /cygdrive/w/cygwin/bin
> serves no purpose.

An example is an example - nothing more. "Purposes" linger elsewhere.

> To the OP - just use whatever cygpath options make sense.

And? If you accept windows style paths, then you have the solution above -
or did I miss something vital <:-7 ?

>  It's not
> that hard and it certainly doesn't require anything like the
> gobbledegook above.

<sigh> I skip comenting on the tone of this.
If *you* have problems seeing the usefulness of something, then you HAVE to
dismiss it totally? Law 3<random iteration of digits>45 in cgf's "book of
rules", is it?

If there is something that truly does replace the "gobbledegook above" -
which I have found necessary, and not found a simple replacement for - I'd
be VERY INTERESTED in getting to know the cygpath or mount (others?) options
that makes this obsolete.

Give me a WORKING *example*. I want the result EXACTLY as I wrote it,
nothing else.

To make my self clear:
>> Output, e.g: /cygdrive/w/cygwin/bin

> Or, if you just are just curious about what /bin translates to, use
> mount.

Believe me, I *have* looked into this - in depth.

My interest is where the parent of / is - and as you've already pointed out
the registry is "of no interest". This is where *I* want to have "local
package dir" (as a subdir) and all other cygwin related items
(it isn't there at the moment - because of this issue and a fresh/quick
install ... Will RSN be changed).

The task above has to be done using CYGWIN tools and CYGWIN paths to avoid
even WORSE "gobbledegook"[2].

mount <whatever option> doesn't make life easier (mount -p and/or -m is
harder to use or makes no real difference)

Using a variation of "cygpath -au /bin" would have been the answer, but
doesn't produce the expected output - just an unusable *copy* of the
argument. One might consider it to be "correct", but I find it to be an
unusable iteration (Do you happen to know J Heller?[3] ;-).

> cgf

I believe TISTR[1] (cygpath -au), and yes SHTDI.

[1] There Is Something To Review
[2] To mention just one caveat; DOS/Windows style paths and the need for
double++ escapes on \'es there.
[3] Does "Catch 22" ring a bell?

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