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Re: Enscript error with passwd uid field (enscript-1.6.3-3)

Jurgen Defurne wrote:

>         enscript: cannot find password for uid=45056: No error
> My generated passwd file however, contains 176128, not 45046.
> By replacing the former uid with the latter, the problem is solved.
> However, should this still be necessary ? I thought that a long
> time ago this problem was solved ?

176128 modulus 2**16 equals 45046.  So indeed it would seem that what
you're seeing is a symptom of using an unsigned short for uid_t instead
of unsigned long.

It looks like preliminary support for 32 bit uid_t began around
<>.  The
release notes for 1.3.11 mentions this as well on 2002-05-23:
<>.  I
don't know when "the switchover" actually happened and uid_t actually
officially became unsigned long.  But the enscript binary is dated
2002-08-25, which very well could have been prior to that time.

So probably just rebuilding enscript without any other changes would fix
the problem.


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