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Re: escape codes in ksh "\033]0;\$PWD\007\$PWD> "

I have not been able to figure out how to send escape codes to ksh

I saw a syntax for ksh on
PS1='^[]0;${USER}@${HOST}: ${PWD}^Gksh$ '
where ^[ is used instead of \033 and ^G instead of \007
but I tried 3 systems with ksh, no go, it doesn't understand escape characters, not with \032, not with \[\e and not with ^[ to signfy beginning of escape code... ksh just repeats them exactly like regular characters

in bash it's easy -------- PS1='\[\e]0;$PWD\a\]$PWD> ' # (in title) HOST-$PWD ... $PATH> --------

I came up with the following... needs perl, needs xterm
but works in ksh, and bash too
PS1=$(perl -e 'printf "\033]0;\$PWD\007\$PWD> "')

but i just don't know how (and someone must know how) people get the escape codes into ksh that it works from command prompt or script with a one line solution (and without secondary help from something like c or perl code)

Oh, the purpose of this escape sequence is to synchronize the title with PS1 to be the current directory on an xterm (but the question is about escape codes, not xterm ;-) )


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