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Re: Installation Help

Lohaus, Daniel wrote:
> I am attempting to install several packages and have attempted it
> from 3 or 4 mirror sites.  At different times,
> (meaning I get 0-n packages downloaded), I receive a Server
> Authorization Request Prompt for a UserID and Password.  Has anyone a
> clue what I am doing wrong?  I do not have a Direct Connection, I
> chose IE 5.  I am deep behind Firewalls/Proxy Servers/WebSense and
> anything else you can slap in front of a Direct Connection.
> Thanks,
> - Dan

I can't really help with your connection problems, but may I suggest as 
alternate solution you can try while working on your connection problems. If 
you have access to a working ftp program, why don't you download the entire 
cygwin "distribution" from a fast ftp server? If you can't do it on the 
computer you want to use cygwin on, then maybe you can do it on another one, 
one with a cd/dvd-burner. Or if you have access to a portable HD and can use 
the usb ports without restriction you don't have to burn anything. I used to 
create such offline installation discs and it took three 700 MB cdroms back 
then. Now I have a dvd-burner but I was waiting on version 1.5.19 of cygwin 
before creating a dvd. I suspect Cygwin has grown since then but hopefully 
it can still be fitted on a non dual-layer DVD.

> Dan Lohaus
> Voice: 402-682-4674

/ E 

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