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Re: mkpasswd, mkgroup - initial setup of group, home dir

On Tue, 22 Nov 2005, Brian Dessent wrote:

> Robert Body wrote:
> > Hi, I installed on a networked computer, but i don't want my cygwin to
> > be part of that network as far as username/groups go (I don't want to
> > add all
> Use -l instead of -d when running mkgroup and mkpasswd.

Actually, "-l -c" ("-c" stands for "current user", even if a domain one).

> > I would like to change these to "Owner" and "mygroup", and I would
> > like my
> The user and group names in the /etc/passwd and /etc/group files should
> match those in Windows.  The purpose of those files is to mirror the
> actual Windows user and group names for programs that expect to be able
> to read them from those files.  You can't arbitrarily define user/group
> names there, you have to do that in Windows.  You should probably stick
> to only creating them with mkpasswd and mkgroup and not hand editing
> them to contain other values.

Umm, sorry, Brian, but this is not true.  The username in /etc/passwd
doesn't matter at all, and neither does the UID -- it's the SID field
that's important.

> Or put differently, just because you change your username in /etc/passwd
> doesn't mean you've actually changed your account's user name --


> and in fact you may cause strange failures if the two aren't in sync.
> If you want a different group name, create one in Windows and add
> yourself to it, and then re-run mkgroup to keep /etc/group in sync.

Not true.  The name can be changed arbitrarily (in fact, the ntsec section
of the UG has examples of this).

> > default home directory to be /home/Owner (which is really
> > C:\cygwin\home\owner in windows). The system insists on making my home
> > directory "/cygdrive/u" even if I modify /etc/passwd file
> > I read about "mkpasswd -d" - well I don't want people on network added
> > to my cygwin setup,
> Then don't use -d.

Use "-d -u USERNAME" to add only the user USERNAME from the domain.
Or use "-c" to add the current (domain) user.
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