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Re: Proper distribution of cygwin-dependent software.


we have similar problems with Singular.

I have used the following solutions:

1. Singular is a Cygwin package, so experienced users can just use the Cygwin setup.

2. I have build executeables with "Package for the Web", containing a suitable small distribution of Cygwin with Singular and modified the stored repository and the setup.exe, so that the user must only choose the destination directory.

3. A further modified version of setup.exe is shipped with the Singular-CD. It works exactly as the standard Cygwin setup.exe, but do not show the dialogs, where you can choose between local and internet install and where can choose your local package rep. It just takes the one on the CD. On the CD we also provide further Cygwin packages, not needed for Singular, as TeTex, gcc, etc.

If you want to take a look:

The advance of this over just delivering some Dlls is, that the user have a correct and full-functional Cygwin environment, which he can shares with other application using similar installation techniques.

I hope that all this is in the scope of the license.



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