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Re: Getting 'bad port number' and such, all the time

On 11/19/2005, Daniel Callejas Sevilla wrote:
This has happened for one week now, but as far as I remember, there were no changes to my installation one week ago. Everything was working fine before.

Sorry, there's nothing obviously wrong that I can see. But if this truly was working a week ago and you didn't change your Cygwin installation at all (configuration or otherwise) during that time, I would suggest looking at things that changed external to Cygwin. For instance, have you performed any Windows updates? Fiddled with or installed any firewall or anti-virus software?

FWIW, your 'cygcheck' results show that 'exim' is not running.  This is
consistent with your claim that the results you're seeing are causing 'exim'
to fail to start.  Perhaps it would also be worthwhile to detail your
installation and configuration steps for 'exim' and the message that you
get when you attempt to start it with 'cygrunsrv'.

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