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Re: nfs problems

On 11/14/05, Robb, Sam <> wrote:
> If you have any interest in working on
> resolving it, I'd be happy to hear whatever else you can
> discover about the problem.

Hi Sam,

what I found is the following: in a machine like mine, in which I have
2 physical disk drives, I get the following from the stat command:

Device: c98ce9bh/211340955d     Inode: 1407374883553285  Links: 9

Device: c847021ch/3360096796d   Inode: 1407374883553285  Links: 6

As you can see the device id is not the same but the inode it is!

Now, in libnfs/fhandle.c there is a function called pseudo_inode. For
cygwin this function creates a pseudo node id that enterely drops any
information about the device id. Therefore, what is happening is that
for a remote client /exports/c and /exports/d are mounted on the same
file system because fh_lookup has no means for resolving same inodes
on diffrent drives.

Inlined in the code of pseudo_inode there is a comment. The comment
seems to be valid for one single drive, but as soon as you have more
thatn 1 then the comment is, let's say, incorrect.

Perhaps, the author of that comment was very aware of this situation
and somewhere else annotated that this version of nfs-server is not
good for more than one drive.

Fixing the problem seems to be possible, but I just wonder about the
comment in pseudo_inode. Perhaps, there is something else I'm


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