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Re: 1.5.18: Problem installing automake1.9

Colin Eberhardt wrote:

Dear All,

I am a first time user of cygwin so I hope this is not a stupid
question. I have searched the archives and googled the web but have not
found an answer yet.

I am hoping to do some C++ development and wish to use GCC, GDB etc...
from cygwin.

I have installed everything I need, apart from automake1.9. The files
are all unpacked, however when the installer runs:


The following pops up:

"The procedure entry point ___getreent could not be located in the
dynamic link library cygwin.dll"

I thought that this is the type of error that you see if the wrong
versions of files are being used when trying to link or execute

I am running the installer directly from the cygwin homepage.

Any suggestions?

You have an old version of cygwin1.dll installed, update only cygwin at first and then reinstall the wanted packages using setup.exe.

Gerrit -- =^..^=

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