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Re: unison-gtk2-2.10.2-1

> > I'm sorry but I never have packaged unison-gtk2 for Cygwin.  I did try
> > at first, but ran into a fatal error that seemed to be caused by
> > lablgtk2, the OCaml interface to GTK2.  I wasn't able to solve it right
> > away, and since I only use the text interface myself, I've never gotten
> > back to it.
> lablgtk2 doesn't build OOTB on Cygwin, as it assumes that we use a Win32
> target instead of X11.
> I'm attaching a patch which I used to compile lablgtk2, or if you
> prefer, I have packages available at:
> As I know nothing about OCaml, I don't know if this will fix the patch,
> but perhaps it could be a start to getting this working.

Yaakov, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.

As part of my attempt to build unison-gtk2 for Cygwin, I did successfully
build and package lablgtk2 for Cygwin.  It's available through the setup
utility.  So the problem isn't building lablgtk2, but rather an error in
unison-gtk2 that seems to be caused by lablgtk2.  But it's been a while and
I'm afraid I don't remember the details now.

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