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Re: 1.5.18: problem with drag and drop using XEmacs

>>>>> David Rothenberger writes:

    > On 11/17/2005 1:26 AM, Frank Papenfuss wrote:
    >> When I try to drag and drop a file into XEmacs it will not open the
    >> file. I am not using X, just plain Windows. This behaviour of XEmacs
    >> is specific to the distribution that comes with cygwin.

    > XEmacs needs to be built with the "--with-dragndrop" option to
    > configure to support drag and drop under Windows. I don't believe the
    > Cygwin distribution is built with this flag because it caused some
    > problems for some users. See
    > <>.

    > I have been building my own XEmacs 21.4 with support for Windows and
    > XEmacs under Cygwin for a long time. I've always used --with-dragndrop
    > and have never encountered any problems. You could try to download the
    > 21.4 source package and rebuild with that option. Perhaps it will work
    > for you, too.

I will check if the problems with DragAnDrop still persist. If not I
will upload new versions soon.

    > David Rothenberger


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