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1.5.18: problem with drag and drop using XEmacs

When I try to drag and drop a file into XEmacs it will not open the 
file. I am not using X, just plain Windows. This behaviour of XEmacs 
is specific to the distribution that comes with cygwin. I have seen a 
similar bugreport "Drag and Drop Dead on cygwin on win XP" but no 
solution so far. I analysed the problem and here is what I found:

Drag and Drop works with the cygwin command line window. If I drop the 
file into the command line window I get say
> C:\temp\dasp\sim\delayline.vhd
I try to drag the same file onto XEmacs, it will show the cursor 
indicating it accepts drops. However, once the file is dropped, it 
will not open.

I open the same file manually (File|Open), modify and save the file to 
disk. The message in the info window says:

Wrote /cygdrive/c/temp/dasp/sim/delayline.vhd

The problem appears to be in the drag and drop hook used by XEmacs. 
When dropping a file to XEmacs it gets the ":" notation of the path. 
Since it is using the cygwin environment, however, it needs 
the "/cygdrive/c" notation. Thus, the open operation fails silently 
and nothing happens.

Since drag and drop of files is a very useful feature I would very 
much appreciate if this behaviour of the cygwin distribution would be 
fixed in the future.

Thanks and kind regards,

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