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Re: PerlTk under Cygwin?

David Christensen wrote:

Andrew DeFaria wrote:

Has anybody managed to install Tk for Perl running under Cygwin?

I've beaten my head against Perl/TK on Cygwin repeatedly over the years. The only way I succeeded was to use ActivePerl and keep it isolated from Cygwin -- basically, use the Cygwin environment for editing and use Command Prompt, Windows Explorer, etc., to launch ActivePerl scripts.

Oh I often work as a Clearcase administrator and Clearcase comes with it's own, ActiveState based Perl called ccperl. I've been using that develop a PerlTk based application. However I much prefer the Cygwin environment over a cmd prompt. ActiveState Perl doesn't handle windows that use ptys such as rxvt and so doing ccperl -d <my PerlTk script> does not work under rxvt. Also, that debugger doesn't seem to use ReadLine thus command history and editing in the Perl debugger is different, etc. Plus I'm not always at a place with Clearcase installed. I don't have Clearcase installed on my home computer, for example.

It would be good if PerlTk could work from Cygwin's Perl (and perhaps even have a package in Cygwin's setup.exe to install it or have it installed by default). At the very least PerlTk should be installable from CPAN and be able to be built/made so that it's usable.

After using PerlTk a little bit I'm finding that this PerlTk thing could be very useful to me as I've never gotten into the monolithic MS Visual Studio and C++ or C# way of building GUI apps. I'm much more comfortable in Perl...

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