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RE: Making the command console stay on top

I would like to thank you for your suggestions.

Just to clarify: I have checked out a number of the simple solutions:
WindowOnTop, AlwaysOnTop, LaunchOnTop, etc.,.
The problem with each of these is that it requires the operator to
physically select the window which is to remain on top, or with
LaunchOnTop, it doesn't work with the windows console window (The
"command prompt"). The point of this program is to have an operator at a
pc that controls a manufacturing operation to use a scanner, scan a
barcode, and the data they need shows up on the screen, with no other
interaction with the program (the dirt simple approach...), so I will
not make them fumble around with the mouse, which is required by the
above mentioned programs. They are quite nice for what they do, however.

The machines I am putting my application on, do not have cygwin
installed as a package. What I do is put the compiled exe file and the
cygwin1.dll only on the machine and use the windows console as the
display window, because all the windows machines have it. I can have
them start it with a short cut, and it requires zero support once it is
set up. Previous applications I have made in this way automatically
loaded the machine's programs for it, but this one requires the operator
to read the program output and then enter it in the main application
that covers the screen.

What I will do:
-Check out the run package and see what I can do with it.
-See what other window manipulations are possible with gcc libraries.
-Keep checking this mailing list for suggestions. This is one of the few
lists that actually produces *really good* information.


----original message:-----
I have an application written and compiled using gcc and ncurses (for
the colors), in the cygwin environment. This application gets
information from a database, and displays it to an operator running a
machine telling them what program to input (among other things).

The problem is that when they go to enter the program name, the console
window immediately falls behind that of the application they are
entering the data into, and they can't read it.

I'm using a shortcut to start this, and the level of display of the
window is not one of the options. Does anyone (that will answer) know a
way to start this window with the attributes needed so it will not be
covered when another application is touched by the mouse?


Terry Dabbs

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