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Re: Capital/upper case B doesn't register in either cygwin bash prompt, rxvt bash prompt, or ssh client bash prompt

> Now, interestingly enough, a lone 'B' in .inputrc doesn't produce any key
> binding that could be found in the "bind" output (with all the flags I
> tried).  How would I figure out that 'B' is bound to "nothing", but bound
> nonetheless[*]?

bind -p lists all bindings, and every character that does not do a
special function should at least do self-insert.  If a key combination
is not bound, then it will not show up in bind -p.  Therefore, the
fact that bind -p | grep '"B"' failed to produce output is a good
indication that 'B' is not bound, and it can be rectified by:
bind B:self-insert
(where you use the key sequence [ctrl-v][shift-B] to actually
put B in the command line). 

> 	Igor
> P.S. This is a non-Cygwin-specific readline question, and perhaps
> off-topic for this list.

True, but I couldn't resist answering.

Eric Blake
volunteer cygwin readline maintainer

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