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Re: WINE on Cygwin


Sorry for not getting involved with this discussion before.

For those interested in more details about this topic, I included several good references in this message.

I can think of many reasons why someone would want to run WINE under Cygwin and my reason, put shortly, is: GDI->X11. I did quite a research to identify all the issues related to this, and end up knowning that this sendmsg() limitation is a major one. I was really willing to start making things happen by getting more info on how to tackle this, but the discussion diverged to the rather philosophical "why do this" discussion. The only useful info I got from this thread was that "this is still an issue", from Corinna.

Can anyone point me to any reference covering the implementation of the missing sendmsg functionality (exchanging file descriptors across processes) ? Any (incomplete) piece of code ? Any help ?

My company has manifested a clear commitment to having this done, and I'm trying to do my best not to let this die again.



1 - These are quite informative threads with many useful references:

2 - Some related projects: (em japonês)

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