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Re: Can I get a sigint when the bash window closed with close window's button ?

"Igor Pechtchanski" <> wrote in message">
On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, Konrad Eisele wrote:

When th cygwin bash window is closed by clicking on the window's close
button the the appliaction gets killed without recieving a sigint or any
atexit called. Is there a way to be able to run cleanup code when the
application is about to be killed?

According to, a SIGHUP will be sent to bash in this case. Are you handling the right signal?

BTW, the atexit() callback also should be called -- do you have a simple
testcase to reproduce the problem?

I know nothing about signals, but this program when run inside bash does not seem to run callback() *ever*.
^c does not run it. Closing the bash window does not run it. But if you remove the loop then it *is* run.

#include <stdio.h>
void callback()
 FILE *current;


int main()

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