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Re: bash shell not responding

Alexander wrote:

> curiously, it actually worked once a
> little while ago, i was able to execute commands and everything, and
> now is back to not responding, it just opens a blank command prompt
> window, the $ prompt doesn't appear, and it's unresponsive.
> What I mean by the batch file is the shortcut in the root directory
> or the Start menu that opens the program.  it does appear in task
>  manager, and reports to be running fine. now i think
> it's a problem with my security, as my security programs keep
> prompting me as to whether i want to let certain
> scripts run when i start the program, even though i told them to ignore
> cygwin and all files in that area.

Certain scripts?  That is odd, the only thing bash looks at is /etc/profile and
the ~/.bashrc and related files, but they are not scripts.

What "security programs" do you mean?

> also, when i open it from command
> prompt, a green text marker appears that moves around with the mouse,
> and typing no longer works.

Never seen that.  By "open" you mean execute the bat file or execute bash?
René Berber

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