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Fixed: Capital/upper case B doesn't register in either cygwin bash prompt, rxvt bash prompt, or ssh client bash prompt


Thank you very much for your help.  The answers were "yes" up to the "bind" command.  The "bind" didn't show anything but there was a single "B" on a line of its own in .inputrc.  Removing it fixed the problem.  It must have been the result of a fat finger when I attempted to do something else.  Thank you again.


> On Tue, 15 Nov 2005, jboehmler wrote:
> > Searching the web and the lists, including the cygwin mailing lists, on
> > anything with just a "B" element is very difficult but I've tried.
> > When I try to type a capital B in any form of cygwin terminal, it
> > doesn't register.  A lower case one does.  First, it doesn't show up.
> > Second, if I type "return" after typing "B", the prompt just comes back
> > with no error.  When typing any other capital letter, the letter is
> > visible and typing "return" after it causes a
> > xxxx@xxxx:~$ C
> > bash: C: command not found
> > xxxx@xxxx:~$ b
> > bash: b: command not found
> >  error.
> >
> > All other letters, numbers and characters, shifted and un-shifted seem
> > to work.  I've had this problem across several versions of cygwin.  It
> > also occurs regardless of which method I use to access cygwin, bash,
> > rxvt, or ssh.  I have not tried it with X11 since I don't have it.
> >
> > Any help or search suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.
> First thing to rule out is Windows-level problems -- I assume if you run
> "cat" from bash, you can type in 'B', right?  Then let's work on bash:
> Can you paste a 'B' into bash?  Does 'B' show up if you type 'Ctrl-V B'?
> Does 'bind -p | grep "B"' show anything for 'B'?
> Check your .inputrc for any bindings for "B"; then .bashrc and
> /etc/profile, for any "bind" commands.
> HTH,
> 	Igor
> -- 
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