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Capital/upper case B doesn't register in either cygwin bash prompt, rxvt bash prompt, or ssh client bash prompt

Searching the web and the lists, including the cygwin mailing lists, on anything with just a "B" element is very difficult but I've tried.  When I try to type a  capital B in any form of cygwin terminal, it doesn't register.  A lower case one does.  First, it doesn't show up.  Second, if I type "return" after typing "B", the prompt just comes back with no error.  When typing any other capital letter, the letter is visible and typing "return" after it causes a
xxxx@xxxx:~$ C
bash: C: command not found
xxxx@xxxx:~$ b
bash: b: command not found

All other letters, numbers and characters, shifted and un-shifted seem to work.  I've had this problem across several versions of cygwin.  It also occurs regardless of which method I use to access cygwin, bash, rxvt, or ssh.  I have not tried it with X11 since I don't have it.

Any help or search suggestions would be appreciated.  Thank you.

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