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Re: WARNING!!!! cygwin1-2005114 completely corrupted a XP laptop

On Mon, Nov 14, 2005 at 11:00:14PM -0400, Rodrigo Medina wrote:
>I have just installed the last cygwin1-20051114.dll on a laptop running
>Then the following catastrophe happened:
>1- I opened a BASH-RXVT window and seemed OK.
>2- I opened a BASH-CMD  window and looked OK.
>3- I opened a cygwin program of mine that uses a CMD window,
> instead of appearing the expected window, hundreds of copies of the 2
>previously opened windows appeared. There was no way of stopping the
>At the end a screen appeared that alerted that WINDOWS was stopped because
>critical system data was corrupted. After that there was no way of booting
>again the machine, even with the recovery disc. It seems that I will have to
>reformat the HDD.
>I urge you to immediately remove the cygwin1-2005114 snapshot.

I have been using this snapshot heavily all day without any problems.

As I usually point out -- there is nothing magic about cygwin.  There is
no way that it should be able to do something like reformat your hard
drive unless you were running from a privileged account.  Even then,
you'd have to try pretty hard to make it do something bad to your hard
drive.  I can't imagine how it could do something like what you describe.

Unless someone else corroborates these problems, I don't think it makes
any sense to remove the snapshot.


(now wondering if there will be a bunch of "Yes! Cygwin killed my
parrot!" type responses)

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